NetAsses – Working with a modular method

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NetAssess – Working with a modular method

In 2013, we deployed a bespoke assessment system that our developers created especially for NetAssess. It’s been a gamechanger in the South African insurance industry and helped our client to stand out from the crowd. Since then, we have continued to build upon the software design and maintain a long-term relationship with NetAssess.

The key to building an all-inclusive system for a client is taking the modular approach. This allows our team to focus on getting each element right and fully operational before moving onto the next step. It also allows our client to get to grips with the full functionality of their custom software as each module is deployed. The solution can also evolve over time as customer needs change and new technology becomes available.

System requirements

NetAssess is the largest independent assessing company in the motor vehicle insurance industry in South Africa. Their team performs inspections and assessments on vehicles that have been in an accident or damaged in some way, as well as providing quotes on repairs for the insurers. The company needs to be able to interact seamlessly with both individuals and the major insurers in the country.

The first step in creating the solution was developing a method of booking assessments with individuals once they had made a claim to their insurance provider. The feedback and quote then needed to be submitted to the insurer. Once we had this operational, we worked on enhancing and expanding what the system could do.

The solution now includes several modules that allow NetAssess to integrate with the systems that the insurers use. There are also sophisticated fraud detection modules, which are essential in the insurance industry. One of the most recent additions to the solution is a mobile app that connects to everything. The NetAssess assessors can now input information about the vehicle’s condition on the go, speeding up the entire process.

Building lasting relationships

Ease of use, constant access and transparency are all elements that are important to the way NetAssess does business. It was our job to ensure that the custom solution we developed provided exactly this. The ongoing maintenance and updating of the system over the years has also helped ensure that the solution stays this way.

“For the last eight years, Netgen has been an integral part of our team, developing our system from strength to strength. Netgen has become a part of the NetAssess family and we foresee many more years together with exciting future development.” – Lisa Frame, admin manager for NetAssess.

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