Our bulk SMS WordPress plugin – SendEasy

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Our bulk SMS WordPress plugin – SendEasy

Recently, the Netgen team has been delving into the world of custom plugins to enhance the websites that we build for our clients. This led us to develop a bulk SMS WordPress plugin using our SendEasy platform. It’s been designed to work as a WooCommerce enhancement plugin.

Harnessing existing software

SendEasy is a software solution that Netgen built in 2011. It’s a bulk SMS (text message) service that allows users to easily contact their database. Text messages have long been known as a great means of communication for direct marketing and for getting important updates to customers.

It was a logical step for the team to extend this platform into a bulk SMS WordPress plugin. We use WordPress to build all of the websites we create for clients, as well as our own website, and developing plugins is a new element to the business. The team could immediately see how our existing software solution, SendEasy, could be used to enhance and extend the WooCommerce plugin when used together for ecommerce.

Features to help your business

As we were building a bulk SMS WordPress plugin, we knew that the solution needed to feature some strong benefits for those deploying it. As a WooCommerce extension, the plugin has some great benefits for communication with customers. Users can set up automatic notifications to inform customers about the progress of their online order.

The plugin can be used on the other side of a business as well, making internal communication simpler. Automatic SMS notifications can be set up to let the team know when new orders are placed, and what those orders are for.

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