uConnect – how continuity with developers can provide smooth updates and upgrades

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uConnect – how continuity with developers can provide smooth updates and upgrades

Working on the uConnect mobile app has been an exciting challenge for the Netgen team. The original app was brought to us by a long-term client, who has been with Netgen for over 12 years now. This new project was about so much more than just mobile app updates, we needed to completely rebuild their existing app.

The uConnect app is a great tool in the South African market. It was originally used to dispense airtime, but now it’s grown to so much more. The app’s entire ecosystem is all about giving users great rewards from a host of retail partners.

How things have changed with the mobile app and the business

When uConnect came to us in 2020 with their mobile app, it could no longer be maintained by their previous provider. The technology was old and the skills to roll out mobile app updates for it no longer existed. Our first task was to rebuild the existing structure with newer technology. We went with React Native for this one.

In the two years that passed since the rebuild, the app and the company have undergone massive changes. The mobile division, now known as uConnect, was sold to another company and the app was rebranded. The one thing that remained constant was the Netgen team of developers working on the app.

Exciting mobile app updates and expansions

When the new owners took control of uConnect, there was plenty for our team to do:

  1. Rebrand the app – This took priority so that users could get used to the new look and feel before other changes were implemented.

  2. New API and CRM – Next up, we created an entirely new custom backend for the app that launched in March 2022.

  3. Overhaul the existing app – We are using Expo to help extend the capabilities of the mobile app. These updates are being rolled out in stages.

  4. Links to new payment methods – Two incorporations we’ve brought into the mobile app are Rewardle and scan-to–pay updates such as Zapper and wiCode.

  5. Integration with several prominent SA retailers – The library of retailers linked to uConnect is growing rapidly and each one needs to be added to the backend of the app and an update rolled out to allow users access to the retailers and the rewards or discounts linked to them.

The work with uConnect is still ongoing and we’re excited to be on this journey of major and minor mobile app updates with the team.
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