MAUI: A revolutionary app development framework

MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) is a framework created by Microsoft that enables mobile app developers to create stunning, natively-compiled applications for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows with a single codebase. MAUI is open-source and is the successor to Xamarin, extending the capabilities of its predecessor.

As a development framework, MAUI is a pre-built set of tools, libraries and conventions that provide a structured way to develop applications. It serves as a foundation on which developers can build software by providing reusable and standardised components, as well as guidelines on how to organise and structure code.

MAUI apps are created using C# and XAML. The codebase, UI layout and design, tests and business logic can all be carried across multiple platforms, greatly improving efficiency and reducing development time and costs.

Why Netgen uses MAUI

Cross platform unification – MAUI eliminates the need for separate development efforts for different platforms. With a single codebase, our developers can seamlessly create apps that run smoothly on diverse operating systems, reducing development time and costs.
Native performance – MAUI leverages native controls and APIs, ensuring that the apps we build not only look native, but also perform at the highest level. Users can experience the speed and efficiency of a platform-specific application without compromise.
Unified UI experience – With MAUI, we can craft a consistent and visually-appealing user interface across all platforms, enhancing the overall user experience.
Ahead-of-time compilation – MAUI uses ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation techniques, converting code into machine code before execution. This results in fast app startup times and excellent performance overall.
Optimised resource handling – MAUI allows for the centralised management of shared resources like images, fonts and assets. This reduces redundancy and optimises memory usage.
Performance profiling tools – The performance profiling and debugging tools offered by MAUI help developers identify bottlenecks and optimise code for better performance in real-world scenarios.

Benefits of MAUI over Xamarin

MAUI is the successor to Xamarin, so it makes sense to migrate to the new platform. Xamarin was first released in 2011 and Microsoft has announced that support will end on 1 May 2024. 

What benefits does MAUI provide over its predecessor?

Single project framework – While Xamarin requires separate projects for each platform, MAUI apps can be built using a single project. This unified structure simplifies the development process and enhances code organisation.
More modern features – MAUI employs powerful new features like support for custom renderers and native controls. This makes it easier to customise the appearance and behaviour of UI components on each target platform while still using a shared codebase.
Reduced maintenance costs – Because MAUI is a newer framework, it is less likely to have bugs or security vulnerabilities. This can help reduce the cost of maintaining your app.
Improved performance – MAUI is built on .NET 6, which is a more modern and efficient framework than Xamarin. This can lead to better performance for your apps.
Better developer experience – For developers, MAUI offers several improvements over Xamarin, such as better tooling and documentation.

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