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Introducing our SendEasy WordPress plugin

At Netgen, we’ve stepped into the world of custom plugin development for WordPress. This platform has long been our preferred choice for building websites due to the fact that it is so easy to customise. The evolution into creating plugins has been an organic one as we have stretched and pushed the exciting capabilities of WordPress.

Our SendEasy WordPress plugin is a marriage of our new-found exploration and a software platform that we designed several years ago. SendEasy is a bulk SMS platform that our team developed to assist our clients with communication with their customers. It was a natural progression to build this plugin to assist our ecommerce customers.

The key features of the SendEasy plugin

Notifications for admins – You can set up the plugin to send your team messages when new orders come in. This can be used to help streamline the packaging and shipping processes, as well as ensure your customers receive the best response time possible.
Personalised messaging for customers – The plugin allows you to customise the notifications you send to your customers depending on where they are in the sales journey. You can send messages to confirm the receipt of an order, to let a customer know that their order has been packed and when it’s been shipped, as well as confirm when an order has been delivered.

More about SendEasy

SendEasy is a bulk SMS platform that allows users to contact their database with effective communication.

Account registration is free, and there are no fees other than for sending out SMSs. 
Packages start at 23c per SMS for up to 5000 messages.
All users on the platform can send 50 000 messages out in one hour.
The platform has numerous fields for personalisation of messages.
On your SendEasy dashboard, you’ll be able to see replies to your messages and manage them accordingly.

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