Our WordPress Plugin Downloads

Our WordPress Plugin downloads

Discover a new realm of functionality and customisation with Netgen’s suite of custom-crafted plugins, designed to enhance your website’s capabilities. These plugins, developed in-house, offer versatile solutions to meet various needs. Whether you’re seeking streamlined communication or revolutionized lead capturing and management, our plugins have you covered. As part of our commitment to innovation, we continuously expand our plugin offerings to provide you with even more options to tailor your website to your unique requirements. Experience the possibilities with Netgen’s plugins – where customization meets efficiency. Download now and unlock a new level of versatility for your digital presence.

Our SendEasy WooCommerce plugin

Introducing our latest plugin designed to streamline SMS notifications effortlessly. This innovative tool enables the prompt notification of administrators about new orders while facilitating the delivery of personalized messages to customers based on diverse order statuses. Embrace real-time communication to keep your team and customers in the loop, elevating the overall shopping experience.

Our TrackEasy Contact Form 7 plugin

Introducing the TrackEasy Extension, a robust CF7 (Contact Form 7) enhancement crafted to elevate your lead capture and management workflow. Seamlessly intertwining with CF7, this extension simplifies the process of capturing leads submitted through forms. Harness the power of the TrackEasy API to effortlessly store these leads in the TrackEasy lead management system, ensuring a seamless and efficient lead-tracking experience.

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