Designing call button software for Vellux

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Designing call button software for Vellux

Wireless calling solutions, or call button software, are being used in a host of different settings these days. When Vellux came to us asking for such a solution, we got very excited by the prospect of designing something from scratch.

Vellux isn’t a new business, or new to the world of call button solutions. However, the system that had been developed for them previously was now out of date. Our job was to build entirely new custom software that could be adapted for a wide variety of uses and would be as future proof as possible.

Building a solution that can adapt

One of the key elements of this software was that it needs to be multi-functional. Vellux’s clients range across multiple industries and each one has a slightly different list of requirements. This meant that we needed to design the software in modules so that Vellux could build solutions to suit their clients.

There are many applications for our software solution. Vellux has clients across the spectrum:

  • Call buttons and panic buttons for nurses in hospitals
  • Panic buttons in retirement care facilities
  • Security panic buttons in corporate and residential settings
  • Queue management systems in retail shops
  • Call buttons in restaurants and hospitality businesses 
  • Boardroom call buttons to request refreshments or support staff during meetings 

The solution was built on a Linux Platform using .Net Core, and MYSQL as the database. We’ve also ensured that it links into Raspberry PIs, Android Boxes and Mini PCs.

The need for reporting software

The final step in the development process was to create a comprehensive reporting feature as part of the call button software. Vellux wanted their customers to be able to view and analyse every use of the software so that they could track trends in calls made and response times. This can help in many situations, especially when it comes to staffing numbers and workload.

Ongoing work on the call button software

Now that the system is operational and Vellux has been working with their clients on it, we’ve found that the use of modules is working well. There have been times when clients have asked for specific features or functions that were not in the original scope of the project. For these clients, we work with Vellux to create new, bespoke modules.

Work on a solution like this is always going to be long term. We provide ongoing support and maintenance for the call button software, with the aim to build a partnership with Vellux that will last.

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