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16 years and counting, Netgen remains at the cutting edge of custom software design in South Africa.

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The demand for website development and custom made software is on a fast paced upward curve, and in an age where competition between web-based companies becomes increasingly stiff, the team at Netgen has been making access to affordable custom made software and web development easy for many satisfied clients since 2000, and you can rely on our expertise and skill to keep you at the top of your industry.

With a highly experienced management team working hand in glove with a talented team of young minds that think out of the box, Netgen is able to provide you with a well established team of project managers, web developers and mobile developers, offering design and support to a very broad base of clients throughout South Africa, other African countries and the UK.

Each business has a different operational basis and it is not often that software is available to suit these unique operations and procedures perfectly, and it is the ability of the team at Netgen to get to the core of your industry in order to provide affordable custom software solutions to streamline your business processes that has made us market leaders in South Africa for many years.
Applying our combined knowledge and experience in custom software development and top quality website development to deliver affordable web based solutions, the team at Netgen is committed to maintaining our reputation for the most professional, cost effective solutions aimed at increasing the efficiency of your business and services well into the future.

The team at Netgen are all passionate about custom software development and website design, which is an essential element for any industry as fast paced as ours, demanding that we remain on the cutting edge of technology in our search for more efficient, cost effective solutions to match your business requirements.

When Netgen boots up your custom software or website you can rely on the fact that as your business grows, there will be no need to find new software to keep pace with your growth, your Netgen team will simply adjust your software to carry the challenge into the future.