5 tips for planning your ecommerce website

5 tips for planning your ecommerce website

An ecommerce website is a must-have in today’s world of online shopping and instant access to goods. If your business sells any kind of product, you should definitely be looking at selling them online.

Of course, selling products online means you need to do a bit of website design and development. You need to have a good portal for online shopping otherwise your customers won’t feel secure or comfortable buying from your business.

  1. Choose your domain name wisely

If you already have a website and you’re adding the online shopping portal, create the URL extension in a way that makes sense. Go for something like www.yourdomain.com/shop or /online-shop.

When you’re starting your ecommerce website from scratch, you can play around with your domain name. Make sure it’s something that’s easy to spell – clever abbreviations or using unexpected letters can get confusing and make it hard for customers to find you.

  1. Optimise your images

The images on an ecommerce website are vital. They need to be clear and showcase the products at their best. You also need to find the perfect balance between making them high enough resolution to look good, but not so high that the file size slows down the load speed of your website.

  1. Add a decent amount of text

Your website needs text on it. You must have decent product descriptions on each page so that people can really understand what it is that they’re buying. It’s also important to ensure that there is enough text on each page of your website for SEO purposes. You should ideally aim for 300 words per page as a minimum. However, don’t write fluff just to increase your word count – the content needs to be of value for your customers.

  1. Provide a choice of payment methods

People like choice – and they especially like to have a choice when it comes to how they pay for online purchases. It’s great if you can offer more than just a credit card gateway or EFT. Look at Apple and Google Pay as well, and the likes of Zapper and Snapscan. When you give people a choice, they’ll feel happier because you’re more likely giving them an option that they are comfortable using online.

  1. Ensure safety and security is a top priority

Speaking of making your customers feel happy about using your ecommerce website – online security must be a top priority. You need to secure your website in general against hackers and viruses. You also need to ensure that your payment gateways and methods are completely secure. If customers feel at all like their personal and financial information is at risk, they won’t buy from your website.

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