Barriers for entry on mobile apps

Barriers for entry on mobile apps

Developing and launching a mobile app can be transformative for any business. Before embarking on such a venture, however, it’s important to understand the various barriers to market entry that you might encounter. These mobile app barriers can be categorised into natural and unnatural obstacles, each posing unique challenges to your app’s success.

Natural mobile app barriers

  1. Loyalty to another brand – One of the most significant natural barriers to entry in the mobile app market is the existing loyalty consumers have towards established brands. People tend to stick with what they know and trust. This loyalty can make it challenging for newcomers to gain traction. To overcome this, focus on building a unique value proposition that differentiates your app from the competition. Offer something new and exciting that compels users to make the switch.
  1. Low brand awareness – In the crowded app marketplace, achieving visibility is crucial. New apps often struggle with low brand awareness, making it difficult to attract initial users. To combat this, invest in marketing and user acquisition strategies early in the development process. Leverage social media, influencer partnerships, and app store optimisation techniques to increase your app’s visibility and awareness.

Unnatural mobile app barriers

  1. Cost of development – Developing a mobile app can be a costly endeavour. From hiring skilled developers to covering infrastructure and maintenance expenses, the financial burden can deter many potential app creators. To mitigate this mobile app barrier, consider alternative development approaches, like using low-code or no-code platforms, which can significantly reduce development costs. Additionally, explore funding options such as grants, angel investors, or crowdfunding.
  1. Regulations in app stores – App stores like Apple’s App Store and Google Play have strict guidelines and regulations that all apps must adhere to. Failing to meet these requirements can result in rejection or removal from the store. To navigate this mobile app barrier, thoroughly research and understand the guidelines for your target app store. Ensure your app complies with all the necessary rules, and be prepared for potential review and approval processes that can take time.

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