Rethinking business card apps with RoloNext

Having a feature that’s unique and sets you apart from the competition is a key element to doing well in a world that’s full of mobile apps. This is why it was such a great challenge teaming up with the minds behind RoloNext and developing a mobile app that had something original and new. Our team also got to put their varied skillset to the test when developing this mobile app.

The idea behind RoloNext

Olga Lakeman, one of the minds behind the app, came to Netgen with an idea to create a mobile app that could allow people to exchange their contact details digitally. Now, they had done their market research and knew that there were several similar apps out in the world already. However, they all needed the user to add a phone number or email address to be able to exchange details. Lakeman wanted RoloNext to be different – users would be able to exchange their digital business cards “simply by holding their mobiles nearby and swiping their card to another device with a tap of a finger.”

Using React Native

After talking with Lakeman and her creative team, it was decided that we should use Xamarin and Java to develop the apps specifically for iOS and Android. However, after working on the iOS mobile app, we decided that it would be better to switch to React Native and make one app that could be used by both operating systems. The Netgen developers set to work converting what had already been done on Xamarin, and the rest is history.

Teaming up with Netgen

It was a difficult journey for the RoloNext creators because they knew that their idea had great potential but also needed the right development partner. They needed a team that knew about developing mobile apps, databases, and cloud computing. Once we met with Lakeman and her team, we are proud to say that the choice of partner became an easy one for them. “Netgen has the experience and collaborative approach to take ideas and create cross-platform apps with a database that can be hosted in the secure cloud! We went from an idea to have a fully functioning app and the database within a couple of months.” – Olga Lakeman. Talk to us today to see how our diverse development skillset can assist you with creating an original mobile app.

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