What Is Google PPC Advertising And Why Should You Get An IT Software Development Company To Run Your Next Campaign

PPC (pay-per-click) ads are the adverts that appear on your Google search results, usually on the top or right-hand side. You have to have a basic understanding of Google Adwords to create a PPC advert campaign or else let an IT software development company do it for you.
Here are some basics terms that will help you understand PPC advertising better.
The first thing you need to grasp is the notion of “keywords”. These keywords should be in line with the products and services your company offers and indicate what people are searching for on the internet.
When creating your ad campaign, these are the words that need to be included so people can easily find you when looking for what your company has to offer. You need to be relevant in order to attract clicks because clicks create a return on investment. You can also add keywords you don’t want your ad to display for such as “cheap”. These are called negative keywords. Always ad important keywords in your ad title since this will showcase its relevance.
When it comes to costs, you are completely in control of your CPC (cost per click). You can choose the maximum amount you want to pay or the maximum CPC for every person who clicks on your ad. You are not charged for ads that are displayed on the page, only if someone clicks on it.
You can track the success of your ad campaign via Google AdWords reports. On these reports, you’ll be able to see how many impressions and clicks you received, what the click-through-rate and the bounce rate is and also the average CPC.
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