How to plan the workflow of your mobile app

Mobile app workflow is the sequence of tasks and activities that are involved in developing a mobile application. It is crucial to ensuring the app meets the requirements of your users and is developed efficiently. 

7 steps to help you plan your mobile app workflow

  1. Define the goals and requirements – The first step in planning your mobile app workflow is defining the goals and requirements of the app. This includes determining the target audience, understanding the features and functionalities required, and identifying any constraints or limitations. This step provides a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and helps with the prioritisation of tasks.
  1. Create a wireframe – A wireframe is a visual representation of the layout, structure and functionality of the app. It outlines the basic elements and features without including any design elements or colours, helping to ensure that the app meets the requirements of its users before moving on to the design and development phases.
  1. Determine the technology stack – The technology stack includes the programming languages, frameworks and libraries needed for development, What you’ll use depends on the app’s requirements and your development team’s skill set.
  1. Define the user flow – This step involves mapping out the user journey and identifying the different screens and features required for each step. This helps you create a more intuitive and user-friendly app.
  1. Identify and prioritise tasks – Prioritising tasks based on their importance and complexity assists in resource allocation and ensures that the critical tasks are finished first.
  1. Create the testing plan – Testing is a crucial part of the development process. The testing plan should include the types of testing required, the testing tools to be used, and the criteria for passing or failing each test.
  1. Create a timeline – Finally, create a timeline for the development process. This includes setting milestones and deadlines for each task, and identifying dependencies between tasks. A comprehensive timeline will help you manage the development process and ensure the app is completed on time.

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