Planet Fitness uses TrackEasy

Planet Fitness is one of the leading health and wellness clubs in South Africa. Today, it has nearly 30 gyms around the country and shows no signs of stopping. With determination to be the best in their field, they have grown their membership immensely over the years. And we’re proud to say that they use TrackEasy to monitor and convert their incoming leads. TrackEasy is a very simple, yet powerful, CRM tool that allows businesses of all sizes, like Planet Fitness, to track their leads effectively.

SMS marketing big for Planet Fitness

One of the biggest methods of communication and marketing that Planet Fitness uses is SMS marketing. They send out communications to all members and run big campaigns to bring in new members. The challenge that head office was facing was how to manage all of this communication – and specifically how to manage the replies coming from potential new members.

The company didn’t want to let any of their leads go cold. However, the massive influx of SMSs that they received meant it was hard to track who had been replied to and who had not. This is where TrackEasy came in.

Working with TrackEasy

“We have quite a long-standing relationship with Planet Fitness. They came to us because they knew we were in the SMS business and could also provide custom development. We registered a shortcode for them and linked that up to TrackEasy for easy tracking and management.” – Matthew Vereenegoor, director at Netgen Custom Software.

The CRM system allows the Planet Fitness sales team to keep a close eye on each response that they get from a lead. They now use the short code to automatically pull each SMS they receive into their centralised TrackEasy dashboard. From here, each member of the team can see what response has come in, what reply those leads have received, and so much more.

The outcome of this set up is a simplified single source for tracking leads through their short code marketing. 

Why should you use TrackEasy? 

The system simplifies one of the most crucial parts of your business by giving you greater oversight into where your leads are in the sales funnel. Leads never have to go cold again if you sign up today. What are you waiting for? You’ll even get a free month on us.

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