Simple ways to revamp your website

It’s good practice to update your website regularly. Some issues that indicate you may be due for a website revamp include the following:

  • Your website’s content or visual design may be outdated. Keeping up with trends ensures that your website stays relevant and appears more credible. 
  • A high bounce rate could indicate that there is a problem with your site that you need to address. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page.
  • You may discover through the use of analytics tools that your website contains dead ends – pages that visitors reach and then don’t move on from.

Here are four simple ways you can revamp your website:

  1. Intuitive navigation

When designing your website, you should make sure that it’s as intuitive as possible. This means removing distractions and irritations and formatting the website so that it’s easy for users to focus on and accomplish their tasks.

Wherever you can, simplify your website so that users immediately know what they need to do to complete their objectives. Alternatively, you can provide easy-to-follow instructions when doing a website revamp.

  1. Don’t overload carousels and sliders

Carousels and sliders are a great way to introduce interactivity to your website, allowing users to control the speed with which they are presented images or slides. However, you should try to avoid using more than four images, otherwise users may lose interest.

  1. Use contrasting colours on important info

Good web design uses colours effectively. Contrasting colours draw the eye of the viewer, so these should be used to highlight important information. Contrasting colours also ensure that people with visual impairments, such as colour-blindness, can comfortably browse your website. Google provides an open source tool called Lighthouse that you can use to check the colour contrast of your site. 

  1. Use proper internal linking

Dead ends are web pages that just end with the last sentence or image. By including internal links on the page, you can direct users to other, related pages of your website. This practice keeps users browsing your content rather than just leaving.

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