SwimCentral has had a revamp

At Netgen, we’ve been working with various players in the fitness industry over the years to develop software just for them. With SwimCentral, we created dedicated swimming school software that has now been used by instructors since 2010. Recently, we thought it was time to give the software a bit of an overhaul.

We’re very pleased with the new look and feel of the website, created by our own web development and digital team. The platform has an updated, modern look while still maintaining its user-friendly and comprehensive management qualities it has become known for.

Developed with the help of fitness experts

One of the main reasons why we are so proud of SwimCentral is that we worked with fitness experts who run their own swimming schools to discover what they actually want in a platform. The team examined all the potential pain points and looked at how the management software could alleviate them. It was a great process to work with these coaches and instructors to build a platform that covers them from all angles.

This is why SwimCentral does so much. The list of features includes managing your entire class and training schedule, creating and monitoring client invoices, payroll for your instructors, direct messaging to all clients and instructors, and so much more. We also ensured that the platform has a mobile version that gives you plenty of functionality while on the go.

Geared towards the local market

Our initial conversations with the instructors who helped us develop SwimCentral showed us that there was a complete lack of a platform like this that worked for the SA market. There were a number of international options that were often too expensive for local instructors to use. The result of our research led us to create the first swimming school software that is affordable in the local market and can work for instructors all over the world.

As the software is developed and maintained in SA, we are not affected by exchange rates and overseas software options that don’t work here. Netgen has also been in the business of developing software for both the SA market and internationally for over 20 years now. We value all input from our clients and it allows us to respond to new challenges in the local market.

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