Website design trends for 2023

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, and website design trends are no different. It has become the industry standard to create mobile-friendly websites, and with 5G becoming more prevalent, even mobile sites are going to be able to include more interactive elements.

As 2022 comes to a close, let’s take a look at what website design trends we can look forward to in 2023.

  1. Load times and page speed

As has always been the case, loading times are critical to the success of a web site. Studies have consistently shown that users are likely to leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load.

Loading times and web page responsiveness are also important factors in search engine optimisation.

  1. Smart content loading

To assist with load times, you can implement smart content loading. This is where your website only loads what the user sees as they see it, rather than loading content that may never even be viewed.

  1. Parallax scrolling

This website design trend started to appear in 2011 but is still popular to this day as a way to give depth to a web page and make it more dynamic. Parallax scrolling is when a page’s background moves at a slower pace than the foreground. Parallax scrolling can also give the visitor the feeling of moving inward or outward rather than scrolling vertically or horizontally.

  1. Colour palette

When it comes to colours in 2023, go for bright and bold. Colourful websites are in, as well as black and white websites that use bold colour accents.

  1. Simplicity

Users appreciate a website that is uncluttered and which makes it easy to find what they are looking for. This blends nicely with the colour palette trend because you can create clean, crisp designs with bold colours for emphasis.

  1. Mobile-friendly design

Mobile browsing is becoming more prevalent than desktop browsing, particularly in South Africa where the number of users on mobile vastly exceeds those on desktops. Designing for mobile involves placing website elements where they can be easily tapped with a thumb, ideally in the bottom area of the screen for mobile users.

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