What’s the difference between UI and UX?

What’s the difference between UI and UX?

When discussing custom software development, the terms UI and UX are often used interchangeably. There actually is a difference between the two – UI refers to user interface design, while UX refers to user experience design. 

User interface

The user interface is the point of interaction between a human and a piece of software. The UI ecompasses the look and feel of the software, as well as the points where the software reacts to user input. This includes buttons, icons, typography, colours and responsive features. Ideally, software should have intuitive functionality, clear navigation and a clean layout.

User experience

The user experience refers to how a user feels when interacting with an interface. This is not only restricted to software. This could be the experience of using a piece of software or hardware, or the experience of entering a supermarket, for example.

UX design is concerned with the ease with which the user can accomplish their goals through a user flow. A UX designer conducts research to help figure out what features software should have and helps map out the user journey. During development, the UX design process offers developers an opportunity to iterate and improve upon their design, taking into consideration lessons learned during usability testing.

Where UI and UX come together

UI designers work closely with UX designers to ensure the end product looks good and functions well. These two fields complement each other and ensure a high-quality service to the customer. If a user interface falls short in certain areas, then the user experience will likely suffer. Therefore, the better the user interface is, the better the user experience will be. 

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