A look at our intern program

A look at our intern program

The custom software intern program at Netgen has been running for nearly as long as the company has been. It was 18 years ago when we welcomed our first batch of interns to come and learn alongside our developers. What’s more, every year, we’re able to offer many of the custom software interns permanent positions within Netgen.

From custom software intern to director

The intern program is incredibly important to us here at Netgen because we get the chance to help shape young developers and watch them grow. The biggest success story has to be with one of the company directors, Andrew McGregor.

McGregor started out as a custom software intern in the Johannesburg office 16 years ago. At the end of the internship, the team offered him a job and McGregor has grown with the company ever since. In 2019, McGregor joined the Board of Directors of Netgen. He now heads up the new office in the UK for the company.

What the program looks like

The custom software intern cycle opens up four times a year and we bring in between two and six interns in total to both our Cape Town and Johannesburg offices. Of course, things are a little different now since we have a hybrid method of working – two days in the office and the rest of the week is remote. However, we’ve found that the recent interns have adapted to this “new normal” very nicely.

The reason behind the intern program is simple for us – we want to help give recent software development graduates some real-world experience. There can be a big difference between learning to code in a university or college environment and working on projects for paying clients.

Our interns get to work with established software development teams, business analysts and testers. We also put them to work straight away on actual clients of ours so that they get the feel of what we do at Netgen first hand.

It’s a rewarding process, running an intern program here at Netgen. We get to find and nurture new talent, and the interns get some great experience. Just this year we’ve already converted three interns into full-time employees.
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