What is website design?

What is website design?

Website design is the process of determining how content will be placed on a web page in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to interpret and user friendly. 

Look and feel

Web designers use elements of a brand’s corporate identity and translate them into a web page format. These elements include colour, typefaces, motifs, icons, logos, layout specifications and other brand-identifying visual elements. 

Design should aid in interpreting information through simplicity and focal points. These focal points should “lead” the reader’s eye to key information on the page. This is usually done through hierarchical aids such as size and colour, among others. 

Good website design considers the following principles: 

  • Usability when considering content placement and layout
  • The reader should not be overwhelmed by pages of plain text or, conversely, countless graphics and icons
  • Text and visuals should work hand in hand to create digestible web pages that keep the reader interested


Over and above aesthetic elements, website designers must consider accessibility of pertinent information, search engine optimisation, navigation and functionality. 

The user experience relies heavily on the design’s functionality. As such, every page should be intuitive and easy to navigate. An important aspect of functionality is compatibility. 

A designer should take into account: 

  • Different browsers and devices to ensure the user experience is as smooth as possible 
  • Easy adaptability to accommodate different screen sizes and orientations
  • Whether to use either adaptive or responsive designs 

The navigation bar can make or break a website. Great web design ensures that navigation allows the user to seamlessly move through the pages of your website without wondering where to click next or where to find information. 

Search engine optimisation

Clicks matter, and any successful website high up in the search results will show this. People are more likely to stick around when:

  • Web pages load quickly
  • Information is easy to find
  • Pages encourage user engagement

Good website design uses these guidelines along with keywords and phrases to generate more traffic. 

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