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As market leaders in the development of industry-related Custom Application software and Web Design, the team of expert I.T. professionals at Netgen have combined 80 years worth of talent and experience to meet the high-speed growth of the online industry in the 21st century.

The stability of Netgen throughout the years brings together only the best in I.T. project managers, technical developers and mobile developers who remain on the cutting edge of web innovation. Because our software is developed in South Africa, Netgen is in the position to offer sophisticated software and website development at above par reasonable rates.

In a fast-paced world, it is essential to be able to rely on software programmes that will perform without causing interruptions to the flow of business which ultimately lead to unnecessary loss of operating schedules. Bringing together a talented young team of I.T. professionals is the foundation for the delivery of the highest standard in custom software development that has expanded rapidly into the .net and web industry.

The team at Netgen offer each client the same level of service and innovation across the board, providing support that is streamlined by operating out of interconnected branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Amsterdam as well as servicing clients in the U.K., Europe, Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Our ability to provide a level of service and innovation to the fast-paced web industry that covers all aspects of the software industry and web development technology has led to the continued expansion and success of Netgen since its inception in 2000.

With software that is competitive and holds to industry guidelines, we can build long term relationships with our clients based on the ability to update your software as your business grows and changes instead of charging for redevelopment with each growth spurt.

With an ability to develop API, Soap and Rest services that allow for integration into almost any platform and database, the team at Netgen will keep you ahead in the race for tailor-made software solutions and cutting edge website development that is highly competitive. Contact us to create a custom-made software package to streamline your business online.

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