How to ensure happy mobile app users

How to ensure happy mobile app users

Mobile app users are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking an app to suit their needs.

As important as it is to attract and sign on new users, it’s also important to retain your current user base. These are the people who will be writing positive reviews and referring their friends and family if they are happy with your mobile app, which will lead to more downloads.

Here are some ways in which you can ensure your mobile app users are happy:

  1. Analyse app usage

The most powerful tool you have is the ability to track and monitor app usage. For example, analysing crashes gives you useful data for developing and implementing fixes. Looking at user navigation paths shows you where improvements can be made to the user experience.

  1. Give good customer service

Make it easy for users to log issues, and make sure you act quickly to resolve them. Being active on social media also goes a long way to improving customer service and can turn a potential disaster into a positive customer service story.

  1. Optimise your app

Your app needs to be optimised so that it loads quickly, runs smoothly, and doesn’t drain a device’s battery. Users are very quick to uninstall inefficient apps.

  1. Provide a good user experience

From the point of first opening to regular usage of the app, you should be offering a good user experience. You can make registration easy by providing different options in menus and by reducing the steps needed to register. You can also improve the user interface through testing and gathering feedback.

  1. Don’t overuse push notifications

Users are more likely to engage with your app if there are push notifications, but don’t overdo it. Too many notifications can be irritating and drive users away from your app.

  1. Update and make improvements

Technology is always evolving, and people’s needs and expectations are constantly shifting. It’s important that you keep your app up to date. This may mean taking advantage of new developments or updating the user interface to bring it in line with the operating system after an update.

Happy mobile app users make any project worthwhile

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