Important things to consider before creating a mobile app

There’s no doubt that the world has gone a lot more mobile and if your business can’t be found via a smartphone, people won’t know you exist. Creating a mobile app gets you onto your customer’s phones and front of mind when they’re looking for someone who does what your company does.

There are many ways you can implement a mobile app for your business – customer loyalty programs, online shops, customer service portals, or even a fun game to help you build brand affinity. Whatever you want to do with your mobile app, it’s important to get it built properly by custom development experts.

4 questions to ask before you start development

Before you get going with your mobile app, it’s important to have a proper plan in place. Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Who is the app for? – Knowing who will be using the mobile app and their general online habits will help you to create the right kind of app for your target market. This will also inform the functionality, overall design and the messaging you use.
  2. What is the primary focus? – Start off by deciding the main reason you want a mobile app. This core functionality should form the basis of the design and navigation. Once you have that established, you can add on any extras you might want or you feel will add value to your customers.
  3. How much security is needed? – A smartphone can hold a lot of personal information. It’s essential that your mobile app is secure enough to safely keep all of the data you ask your customers to input. It’s also essential that your app can’t be hacked easily so that it can’t be used as a gateway to the rest of the smartphone.
  4. What is the long-term plan? – Technology moves along at a rapid pace. An app designed for the latest phones in 2020 may not be so user friendly in a year or two. Consider how complicated your app is and what kind of impact that will have on future updates to the design.

Mobile-first design from the experts

At Netgen, we have years of experience with creating mobile apps. We also know how to ensure the design is mobile-first, but still fits with the rest of your brand presence both online and in the real world. Contact us today to discuss the creation of your very own mobile app.

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