TrackEasy: A CRM tool to put your business in control

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important aspect to your business as it’s the strategy behind how you convert more leads into sales. This is why a CRM tool that helps you to control all the activities, strategies and technologies that your company uses for your interactions is such a good investment.

A simple spreadsheet to track leads could seem like the answer to your problem. However, this means that someone must manually update your spreadsheet each time a new lead comes in. If you have a sales team, you might end up with several different documents or versions of the same spreadsheet, and be unable to tell which one is the most recent. Then what happens if someone leaves the company? You’ll have to take the time to go through their lead data to make sure you don’t lose anyone. This is where a CRM tool like TrackEasy can make your life easier. It automatically pulls your leads into the dashboard, and everyone on your team can access that information in real time.

3 areas TrackEasy can help your business

It’s important to make CRM a priority in your company. Even small businesses and freelancers can benefit from using a CRM tool like TrackEasy. It helps with:

  1. Sales – When you centralize all of your leads and communications into one place, your sales team will have complete control. Individuals can manage leads on a one-on-one basis, while you as the owner can track the overall progress. TrackEasy even allows you to set reminders to contact leads at a specific time. This can prevent potential customers from getting lost in the system.
  2. Marketing – A good CRM platform can track how potential clients found your business. TrackEasy actually links to your various marketing campaigns and pulls in leads from the emails you send, your SMS campaigns, Google Ads, social media pages, web forms, and more. With this data, your marketing team can understand which tools or campaigns are working and test improvements to others.
  3. Overall business strategy – A CRM tool like TrackEasy allows you to have access to all the data your team is using. You can get a snapshot of what is working and what isn’t, as well as pull reports from various periods to get a look at how your company has evolved. This is critically important to hitting yearly targets and long-term action plans for your business.

Put your business in control 

TrackEasy gives you the power of an affordable yet sophisticated lead management platform. You can maximize your customer communications and sales efforts, create long-lasting relationships with customers, and increase your revenue.

What’s next? Try TrackEasy for free for one month with full access to all its features.

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