Preparing Your Business for a Remote Workforce

You no longer have to be stuck in a traditional 9-5 to meet your professional goals. According to a survey done by Upwork, nearly 40% of hiring managers predict that working remotely will dominate the business world in the next decade.

Telecommuting is increasingly gaining popularity with people because it affords them to have a better work-life balance and set their own flexible working hours. This advanced technology allows for maximum productivity and ultimately success. So, if you’re ready to prepare your business for a remote workforce, these are the steps you should take.

Switch to a Cloud-Based System

To prepare your business for a remote workforce, you’ll need to organise your data somewhere where it can easily be accessed by all the members of your team. This can be done with a CRM (customer relationship management program like Acronis offered by Netgen. It’s simpler and quicker to improve productivity and collaborate as a team when your company info is in one place.

Make Communication More Efficient

To keep up to date with everything relating to your business, you’ll need a tool that will make communication with your workforce more efficient. No need to send emails back and forth if you can use an instant messaging system that will make getting in touch with your team quick and easy. If you can’t find one that fulfils all your business needs, consider hiring a credible and affordable software application developer like Netgen to develop one for you.

Hire the Right Employees

The last step is to hire the right team. While ditching the 9-5 might sound like an excellent idea, not everyone is cut out for remote work. Try to create an image of your ideal employee, traits, communication style etc. Ask them as many questions as you need during their interview to determine whether they have what it takes to succeed as a remote employee. Consider their perspective and behaviour and bring it in harmony with your vision for your company.

Remote work preparation means knowing what you want for your business and hiring the right people to do it for you. Cloud-based software applications ensure that your team have easy access to your company data and a communication system will ensure everyone is on the same page at all times. For more information on preparing your business for remote work, speak to the team at Netgen today.