Steps for building a successful custom software solution

Creating a custom software solution can be a complex but rewarding endeavour. While it may take more time and money compared to going with an off-the-shelf solution, custom software offers several benefits that make it worthwhile. Custom software is made to work with your current business processes, it is easily scalable so it grows alongside your business, and it can give you an edge over the competition.

To ensure your custom software solution succeeds, you should have a solid plan that includes the following steps:

  1. Identifying business challenges

Before embarking on the journey of custom software development, you need to first analyse your business and identify key areas that can be improved. Examples of this include processes that could be made more efficient or even be automated, managing an increasing amount of data, or increasing revenue.

  1. Defining your requirements

Once you have determined which challenges your custom software solution will be addressing, you need to define the requirements. This means working out what features and functions you would like included. Creating project scope and sticking to it will ensure the development stays within budget and is completed on time 

  1. Software development and testing

This step is the most time-consuming, where the majority of work will take place. In this step, the custom software solution will be created, tested and iterated upon until the necessary business requirements have been met and the software functions as expected.

  1. Deployment and maintenance

Once it has been confirmed that the software solution is complete and ready to go live, it’s time for deployment. During this step users will need to be trained and granted access, and the software will need to be integrated into existing systems. The project is now complete but, in the future, the software may require patches to improve security or provide new features. This is where the maintenance part of this step comes in.

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