How do you know when your business needs custom software?

Many businesses rely on off-the-shelf software to meet their needs, possibly changing their business processes to fit the software. While this type of software does have its advantages, there are situations where business custom software might be a better option.

  • When the right proprietary software isn’t available

Your business may be so niche that there is no proprietary software that can fulfil your specific needs. Custom software can give you an edge, enabling you to service clients better and more efficiently than anyone else in the sector. Another benefit is that, when your business custom software is created by a developer like Netgen, you own the intellectual property and this can be licensed to other businesses.

  • When your business relies on too many manual processes and paperwork

A good indication that you could benefit from custom software is when your employees are overwhelmed by manual processes and paperwork. Such a reliance can be very inefficient and lead to human error, reducing productivity even more. By deploying custom software to replace these processes, you can drastically improve efficiency and productivity, as well as freeing up employees from having to perform monotonous busywork.

  • When business processes commonly involve recurring tasks

Commonly performed business tasks like customer onboarding and converting orders to invoices are usually repetitive and can be easily automated through business custom software. Automation can improve efficiency and reduce the possibility of human error.

  • When data is created and maintained manually

If your data is stored in spreadsheets that have to be updated and maintained manually then custom software would be a massive upgrade. With the right system, data can be updated automatically, efficiently, accurately and securely.

  • When your business is expanding

As your business expands, it could outgrow any existing processes and software solutions. This is a good opportunity to develop custom software, as you have a good understanding of how your business should be operating, and an idea of how it’s going to continue expanding. You’re in the perfect position to create software that works for you now and can cope with future growth.

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